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In addition to these technical skills/tasks an experienced PHP developer would typically possess excellent problem-solving abilities along with strong interpersonal/communication skills enabling them not only provide valuable guidance/mentorship towards junior team members but also liaise effectively with clients/stakeholders throughout project lifecycle ensuring successful delivery aligned precisely client expectations/goals.

Web Application Development

Design, build, and maintain complex web applications using PHP frameworks like Laravel, Symfony, CodeIgniter or Yii.

API Integration

Integrate third-party APIs into existing systems and create custom RESTful APIs for seamless communication between frontend and backend components.

Database Management

Design database schemas using SQL databases (such as MySQL or PostgreSQL) and implement advanced queries for data manipulation; also utilize Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) tools like Eloquent or Doctrine for efficient database interactions.

Performance Optimization

Identify performance bottlenecks within the application codebase and optimize them through techniques such as caching, query optimization, indexing strategies etc., ensuring a smooth user experience.

Code Review & Quality Assurance

Conduct rigorous code reviews to ensure adherence to coding standards/best practices while identifying potential improvements; also perform unit testing/integration testing to validate functionality before deployment.

Version Control & Collaboration

Utilize version control systems such as Git effectively for managing source code changes across multiple developers working on a project simultaneously facilitating collaboration/teamwork.

Security Implementation

Implement robust security measures including input validation/sanitization, protection against common vulnerabilities (e.g., Cross-Site Scripting - XSS), secure authentication mechanisms etc., safeguarding sensitive data within the application environment.