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Camera Based Precision Manufacturing
When it comes to precision component manufacturing, it is a quite straightforward process when it performed in a CNC machine. But megastructures are a whole different story. They need a new view of the bigger picture and yet, management at the most basic level. One broken link can bring down the whole structure and cause a lot of harm. We bring IoT into the picture through a Vision-based Quality Inspection System to help the construction companies, engineers, architects, and supervisors, keep a minute check on every link, every element of the structure that goes into building it.
Web development company in nashik
Daycare Spots
Online platform to find Daycare/childcare Directory this includes Childcare centers, in-home – daycare directory searchable by parents. Daycare can post, available spots, center details, contact details and short cut to connect /call daycare -map/location.
Web Development Company in Nashik
Get OEE of Secondary Operations as well
Managing secondary operations in the manufacturing industry like assembly and painting can be a real pain, taking you away from the main process of manufacturing. Most of the times the secondary operations come with a manual dependency. Often, this manual dependency tends to delay the ideal cycle time. Welcome to Smart Manufacturing! While there are other factors of manufacturing that IoT optimizes, we focus on the secondary manufacturing processes – how to minimize or eliminate the manual intervention to reach the optimum process cycle. With our IoT based monitoring kit, you can monitor your secondary operations in real time on your mobile.
Web Design Company in Nashik
  1. We developed a conceptual App called Bean2Go which turns your favorite coffee shop into a drive through.
  2. Bean2go app, coffee drinkers have the opportunity to find new convenient coffee shops they never knew existed.
  3. Don’t let queue’s come between user and their favorite brew.
  4. Pay using saved method of payment within our app via our secure payment gateway. No waiting in line to pay, just click and collect.

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