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WordPress developers are proficient in using the WordPress platform, a popular content management system (CMS), to build and maintain websites. Here are some of the tasks that a WordPress developer typically handles:

Website Development

They create custom responsive websites from scratch or by leveraging existing themes based on client requirements.

Theme Customization

Developers customize pre-built themes to align with brand guidelines and specific needs of the project.

Plugin Development & Integration

They develop custom plugins or integrate third-party ones to add new features or functionality to a website, such as SEO tools, contact forms, social media sharing buttons etc.

Performance Optimization

This involves optimizing website performance through various techniques like caching, minimizing HTTP requests, database optimization and more for faster load times and an improved user experience.

Content Management System Setup & Configuration

Setting up WordPress CMS according to best practices including configuration settings related to permalinks structure site's visibility search engines (SEO).

Security Implementation:

Implementing robust security measures protect against common threats vulnerabilities - this could involve configuring SSL certificates setting up firewalls regular updates patches plugin/theme cores etc.,

Maintenance & Support

Ongoing maintenance support includes troubleshooting issues updating core software plugins/themes ensuring compatibility resolving any arising conflicts; also might extend towards handling regular backups disaster recovery scenarios

E-commerce Solutions:

If required they can setup e-commerce platforms within WordPress using solutions like WooCommerce incorporating functionalities product listings shopping carts payment gateways checkout processes etc.,

SEO Best Practices Implementation

Optimizing websites for better ranking on search engine result pages (SERPs) by implementing SEO best practices such as meta tags optimization, keyword usage in content creation/optimization sitemap generation submission among others