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AngularJS developers are skilled in using the AngularJS framework to build efficient and scalable web applications. Here are some of the tasks typically performed by an AngularJS developer:

Designing and Building User Interfaces

Using HTML templates combined with Angular's data binding capabilities, they create dynamic, interactive user interfaces.

Developing Single Page Applications (SPA)

They design and develop SPAs that provide a seamless user experience similar to desktop applications.

Implementing Real-time Updates

With two-way data binding feature provided by Angular, they can implement real-time updates without needing manual intervention or additional lines of code for DOM manipulation.

API Integration & Interaction

They consume RESTful APIs from backend servers/services to fetch/update/delete data dynamically within the application interface.

Code Optimization & Performance Tuning

Profiling/optimizing application performance through various techniques such as reducing watchers/digest cycles, minimizing HTTP requests exploiting built-in caching mechanisms offered by $http service etc.,

Writing Unit Tests/Integration Tests

Ensuring robustness and reliability across different components/modules; utilizing testing frameworks/libraries like Jasmine, Karma or Protractor for this purpose.


Utilizing browser-based debugging tools to inspect & modify component states during runtime thus aiding bug-fixes/error resolutions.

Collaborating with Other Team Members

Working closely with UI/UX designers to translate wireframes/designs into functional web apps; coordinating with back-end developers for API integration needs; participating actively in team meetings/scrum sessions sharing knowledge insights towards overall project success.

Maintaining Code Quality

Following best practices coding standards ensure maintainable scalable codebase over time - this might involve conducting peer code reviews/refactoring existing codes as necessary based on evolving project requirements/preferences