Open Fibre Network (OFN) .

Case Study

Open Fibre Network (OFN)


At OFN - Open Fibre Network is a popular South-African ISP provider and plays a role that a robust ISP provider portal plays in enhancing user experience and facilitating seamless communication between the provider and its clients. They have a website and were seeking for a dashboard for user management.


In shaping [ISP Provider Name]'s online portal, we carefully identified and addressed specific requirements essential for their ISP services:
Technical Requirements
User Account Management:
Develop a secure and intuitive user account system, allowing clients to manage their accounts, view usage, and update personal information.
Billing and Payment Integration:
Implement a seamless billing and payment system, providing clients with an easy and secure way to manage their invoices and payments.
Service Status and Outage Information:
Integrate features that allow users to check the status of their services and receive real-time updates on any outages or maintenance.
Stakeholder Requirements
Branding and Customization:
Maintain consistent branding with Open Fibre Network, allowing for a customized experience that reflects the provider's identity.
Customer Support Integration:
Implement robust customer support features, including live chat, a knowledge base, and a ticketing system to address client queries and issues.
Data Usage Insights:
Provide clients with detailed insights into their data usage, allowing them to monitor and manage their internet consumption effectively.
Timeline and Milestones
Discovery and Planning:
Conducted a comprehensive analysis of ISP provider portal best practices, defining project scope and objectives in collaboration with Open Fibre Network (4 weeks).
Design and Development:
Created a visually appealing and functionally rich portal, focusing on user experience and accessibility
Testing and Quality Assurance:
Ensured the portal's functionality across various devices and platforms, particularly emphasizing security and billing features (6 weeks).

Our solution

Our solution involved a strategic blend of design and development expertise, resulting in a provider portal that addressed Open Fibre Network's unique needs:
Key Features
User-Friendly Account Management:
Developed an intuitive user account management system, allowing clients to easily access and update their account information.
Seamless Billing and Payment:
Implemented a secure billing and payment system, offering clients a hassle-free way to manage their invoices and make payments.
Real-Time Service Status:
Integrated features that provide clients with instant updates on the status of their services and any potential outages.
Enhanced User Control:
The user-friendly account management system empowers clients to take control of their accounts and personalize their internet experience.
Efficient Billing Process:
The seamless billing and payment system streamlines the invoicing process, reducing friction for clients and improving overall satisfaction.
Proactive Service Communication:
Real-time service status updates keep clients informed, enhancing transparency and trust between the provider and its clients.


In conclusion, our collaboration with Open Fibre Network resulted in an efficient and user-centric provider portal, providing clients with a seamless and transparent experience in managing their internet services.