Mahacriticon 2023 Nashik .

Case Study

Mahacriticon 2023 Nashik

Overview from Nashik Chapter wanted to invite MAHACRITICON Critical Care conference under the auspices of ISCCM. Hence were looking for a new website where users and medical authorities from various fields can attend and participate in this conference. Also wanted to design this it in such a way that visitors can also register for all the events. Here Acme IT Solutions came in picture and managed the event, Campaign and entire marketing of the same.


In crafting [Medical Conference Organizer Name]'s online presence, we carefully identified and addressed specific requirements essential for their medical conference:
Technical Requirements
Event Schedule and Agenda:
Develop a dynamic and easily navigable schedule, allowing participants to access detailed agendas, session information, and speaker profiles.
Registration System:
Implement a user-friendly registration system, providing seamless registration for attendees, speakers, and sponsors.
Stakeholder Requirements
Branding and Promotion:
Maintain consistent branding throughout the website, promoting the conference's theme, speakers, and sponsors effectively.
Speaker and Presenter Profiles:
Showcase detailed profiles of conference speakers and presenters, highlighting their expertise and contributions to the medical field.

Our solution

Our solution involved a strategic blend of design and development expertise, resulting in a website that addressed [Medical Conference Organizer Name]'s unique needs:
Dynamic Event Schedule:
Developed a dynamic and user-friendly event schedule, allowing participants to access detailed agendas, speaker information, and session details.
User-Friendly Registration System:
Implemented a seamless registration system, simplifying the registration process for attendees, speakers, and sponsors.
Enhanced User Experience:
The dynamic event schedule and user-friendly registration system enhance the overall user experience for participants.
Visibility and Promotion:
Consistent branding and detailed speaker profiles promote the conference effectively, attracting both speakers and attendees.
Virtual Networking:
The integrated networking features create opportunities for virtual interactions, fostering collaboration and connections within the medical community.


In conclusion, our collaboration with Mahacriticon resulted in an interactive and comprehensive website, providing a platform that facilitates seamless participation, networking, and engagement within the medical conference community.