IOT Global Complete Solution .

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IOT Global Complete Solution


Billions of objects worldwide will be connected to the Internet; their data will be stored in the cloud and will participate in the digitalization of our environment. Having a global, simple, low-cost and low-power connectivity solution is fundamental. This unique approach in the world of wireless connectivity, where there is no signalling overhead, a compact and optimized protocol, and where objects are not attached to the network. We, Acme IT Solutions, designed and developed this Native mobile App for our clients business.


Client is a serial entrepreneur and have many businesses but was looking for a technology solution for IOT global. Till date had a business website / dashboard to manage the products and other services but was all on web and hence was seeking for
App development for the same.

Our solution

We started with analysing and customer journey mapping process, ensuring that we have a complete understanding of the IOT Global business. The understanding then laid the basis for the Android Application solution’s feature-set and the integration choices.
The team started developing the solution following an agile development approach which is todays necessary when you building any solution. Our cross-functional team, consisting of designers, developers, and deployment experts, collaborated harmoniously to develop the solution. An Android and IOS mobile Application was developed and

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IoT Global app allows you to monitor all your IoT devices and receive panic and threshold push notifications via the app.