Agriotics Mobile App .

Case Study

Agriotics Mobile App


At Agriotics, the team is dedicated to merging technological innovation with agricultural excellence to propel their clients to new heights in the digital era.

  • Advance efficiency in operation with enhanced productivity.
  • Acceleration of avenues for income generation
  • Reliable source of income
  • Wealth creation for our farmers, ensuring enhanced quality of life..


  • Development of a working prototype where actual sensor based hardware will be deployed in the farm.
  • Wireless network will be setup for data transmission from hardware kit to Hub and then to the cloud.
  • The Farmer will be provided with mobile application.
  • The mobile application would provide data received from farms on timely basis.
  • The mobile App will provide weather forecasts. The application would intimate the farmer using the data received from hardware kit when parameters cross threshold values, the alerts will be sent to mobile application.

Our solution

  • The Solution aims at providing real time remote farm monitoring facility with decision support system for better management of crops.
  • Currently we are working on development of the prototype.
  • The proposed solution is tamper proof , would have security features using proximity sensors.
  • Solution is equipped to provide predictive analytics.
  • The standard hardware and software platforms assures cyber security.
  • Solution rely on advisories which are the outcome of brainstorming sessions with seasoned farmers.
  • Apart from timely sensor information , solution to send statistics on time to market (as a example, grapes need 4000 candle unit of light in whole life cycle for good quality fruit). The TTM alerts will be send based on such facts.
  • The solution will suggest pesticides /sprays advisories for forecasted bugs/diseases based on inputs from seasoned farmers and not the agri/bio companies.
  • The special feature in mobile app to allow farmer to customize threshold values. This would be special feature for the farmers who has sound knowledge of subject area and wish to adjust the alerts based on their experience. For eg. If EC >1.8 then typically Sulphur treatment is advised. In Few scenarios, the farmer may wish to start Sulphur treatment when threshold as EC >1.6
  • Each hardware kit will be identified separately. This will help to identify the plants with infections in turn controlling the spread


  • Real-time remote monitoring of farms.
  • Predictable export quality yield.
  • Better disease diagnosis in turn limited use of pesticide. This will help to have less carbon footprints
  • Optimization of water consumption
  • The precision monitoring would result into (chemical) residue free/less residue yields. This will add monetary benefits .
  • The consistent export quality can earn reputation for farmers and help them to build their brand.
  • Solution aim at uplifting the traditional farming and hence will attract more youth in the area. This in turn would generate more employment options