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Graphic Design

Graphic design helps to create professional brand images. It is a craft where visual content is created to convey a message. And this image builds trust and credibility in the minds of the customers...
Graphic design is the visual interaction of ideas or messages. It can be as simple as a business logo or as complex as a page layout on a website. Graphic design can be used by everyone. This is a great way for those who want to convey complex information in a simple way.
The following elements in graphic design make information more attractive and easy to understand:

  1. Design - composition, balance, proximity, alignment, repetition, contrast, etc.
  2. Photography and Art
  3. Typing - font-face, font-size, etc.

Graphic Design in Digital Marketing

Graphics Design plays an important role in Digital Marketing. This is an important component of Digital Marketing. Graphic Design is an effective way to engage customers. It builds brand awareness and influences consumer decision making.
Here are some reasons why Graphic Design is important in Digital Marketing:

  1. A Graphic Designer helps you to establish your own identity, branding that sets you apart from other competitors.
  2. Design speaks better than words. Simple and attractive design creates a positive impression on the customer while conveying the message.
  3. Through quality and unique design, people get the message that you have high quality products or services.

Web Graphic Design:

Web Graphic Design is a combination of Website Design and Graphic Design. It is the process of the showing the visual look of the website and feel the website.
Here, the designer decides how the website looks, the layout of the images, the font. The designer makes the images attractive, chooses the font that fits the website/logo, works on the design of the logo, chooses the colors of the website according to the logo, works on the individual page elements according to the requirement.
Some of the specific duties of a Web Graphic Designer are:

  1. Design and layout of page elements
    The primary responsibility of a Web Graphic Designer is to design elements such as logos, images or text on a web page.
  2. Edit images or websites
    A Web Graphic Designer must have knowledge of image editing. He must check if the images are in the right proportions, if the color scheme is correct, if the image is in the right place.
  3. Collaborate with developers
    Throughout the process, there must be good collaboration between the designer and the developer, so that the front and back work together.