Reliable Autotech

Reliable Autotech


Reliable Auto-Tech Pvt. Ltd. is a 500CR company having head office in Nashik and spread world wide. They cater to all the reputed brands such as Mahindras, John Deere, JCB etc.
They were struggling with a complaint related to a critical part wherein bracket angle of the shaft was a fitment concern. When verified gauges, the results were OK, but while fitment, they were not!
Hence, they were looking for a solution wherein this component can be calibrated for all its checkpoints – 14 checkpoints.
But 100% inspection with CMM machine was impossible. That’s when Acme was invited to look into the issue and provide a solution!
Purpose: Measuring the geometry(dimension, Angle) of JD-02 part by Image processing.

Problem: Two Types of JD-02 part: GY20788 and GY20608 In-accurate dimension and Angle of welding.

Procedure: To implement a camera based Inspection system to checking the quality of part


A.There are around 14 checkpoints on JD20788 part and 20 checkpoints on JD20608 part.

B.Worker can check only possible checkpoints on mechanical gauge system. Some critical checkpoint still remains in mechanical gauge.

C.Considering the fatigue and the quantum of checkpoints, slippages are imperative. So it affect on accuracy of product.

Our solution

Vision based Quality Inspection System is used to measured the dimensions of part.

Vision based Quality Inspection System measures the dimension with micron level accuracy with repeatability in result for all checkpoints.

User friendly GUI with predefined reference and tolerance value on screen.

Engraving is done on those parts which was ‘OK

Reports generated on daily basis.


Vision based Quality Inspection system implemented to check the Quality of JD-02 part.

Notification of ‘Pass’ and ‘Fail’ part on digital dashboard and also in Report

If the part is ‘OK’ the automation is for engraving the part.

Increase in overall productivity

Ideal cycle time reduces from 1 min to 30sec with 100% accuracy

Increase in overall productivity