Client is a renowned manufacturing company and was looking for an automatic ONE STOP solution which would save time, inspect and give a 100% finished product.
A. Purpose
To analyze the issue and detect any missing component or notify it.(Welding spots)
B. Problem
Three types of chair: 4-way Driver, 2-way Driver, Co Driver, Detect missing welding spots
C. Procedure
To implement a Vision based inspection system.


1)There are around 100 welding spots on every chair.

2) There are around 25 sub components which are welded and go missing at times. for e.g. rods on back-rest or circlips on base.

3) Every worker takes minimum 10 minutes to check EVERY chair minutely.

4) Considering the fatigue and the quantum of checkpoints, slippages are imperative.

Our solution

1)Vision based inspection system is used to detect if welding exists at pre-defined spot on respective chair type.

2) Vision based system will also notify if there are any missing sub-components.

3) Sub components are highlighted on screen for worker to understand where what is missing.

4) Entire inspection happens within 2.5 minutes – almost 75% inspection time is saved PER chair along with CONSISTENCY in results 24 X 7


– Vision based system implemented for inspecting the 3 different types of chair.
– 100% errorless inspections to detect if welding exists at pre-defined spot on respective chair type.
– Notification of missing sub component by digital dashboard.
– Assurance of fully finished product delivery.
– Ideal cycle time reduces from 10 mins to 2.5 mins with 100% accuracy
– Increase in overall productivity