Bosch a world known organization was seeking a solution for quality check for one of their component. This time it was a nozal where Single miss out on hole count raises an alarm on reputation of the company and this task been very complex, it was impossible to manually inspect 100% nozzles manufactured. Hence, Acme was invited to propose a solution.
A. Purpose: To detect the number of holes for different types of nozzles
B. Problem:The size of a hole varies from 100 microns to few milli meters, which makes it difficult to detect through naked eye.
C. Procedure:Implement an automated vision based inspection system


1.Nozzles are used for fuel injection in engines.

2.Based on applications, each engine requires specific number of holes for injecting fuel.

3.Detecting minute size of holes through human vision is error prone and time consuming.

4.Hole size and number of holes varies with nozzle types

Our solution

Implemented a vision based inspection system that:

-Counts the number of holes in a nozzle irrespective of  the hole size and nozzle type.

– notifies the user with the hole count.

-Takes 1.2 sec to 4-sec for inspection of a single nozzle.


– Vision based inspection system to detect the number of holes for different types of nozzles.
– Notification of hole count to user by digital dashboard.
– Almost 100% accuracy
– Increase in overall productivity
– Additional software to verify the hole count visually.
– Quality assurance, 24*7 technical support