Temperature Monitoring

Prevention is better than cure!
Control the temperature before it gets out of control!


“Temperature” is plays a vital role in respective applications.
Several monitoring techniques have failed to take ACTION on it!


Our solution

  • Certain temperature range has to be maintained in baking oven consistently. Hence respective temperature is being set for the baking oven. Not only over heating impacts the powder coating / color quality drastically but lesser temperature has an equal impact!
  • Further to that, accidents happen if temperature crosses certain limit and person assigned monitoring task is NOT present at the required venue!
  • Value that we bring in is LISTENING MODE provided to our smart kit! Yes, you can send SMS to our smart kit mentioning the LOWER and UPPER threshold it is supposed to oblige while monitoring the temperature.
  • Not only that, if You are on leave, you can inform the SMART SYSTEM by sending contact no. of the individual who will be taking over in your absence and system will inform him in your absence.