Simal Packaging

Simal Packaging


Client is a renowned packaging company based in Vasai Mumbai, named as “Simal Packaging Pvt. Ltd” and very outset on making tubes for the pharmaceutical sector and have a wide cliental base globally.


  • When client approached ACME they were seeking help with a very precise challenge for delivering 100% finished product.
  • Existence of bur is an imperative part of aluminium collapsible tube manufacturing process.
  • This bur punchers the tube anywhere from tip to tail. Its almost impossible to detect pin holes with naked eye nor by tube light based container inspection system.
  • Manual inspection does not assure quality due to complexity involved and fatigue earned by individual.
  • Hence need of quality assurance system was implicit.

Our solution

  • Vision based inspection system is used to detect pin hole on Tip, Neck & Whole Body of aluminum collapsible tubes.
  • A model which can be further automated for man less operations.
  • 100 tubes per min and it is scalable upto 200 tubes


  • Vision based system implemented for inspecting the different types of tubes.
  • 100% errorless inspections to detect if any pin holes exists at pre-defined spot on respective tube.
  • Notification of digital dashboard.
  • Assurance of fully finished product delivery.
  • Ideal cycle time reduces from 10 mins to 2.5 mins with 100% accuracy.
  • Increase in overall productivity and delivery.