Pin Hole Detection

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Aluminium collapsible tube manufacturing process itself has some challenges which are beyond metallurgy/process fundamentals that even smart manufacturing equipments couldn’t achieve.


  • While aluminium tablets are converted to aluminium collapsible tubes via extrusion process, usually a small BUR particle gets stuck to the extrusion shaft and punctures the new tube being manufactured.
  • The punctures can be on Head or Neck or anywhere on the body. One more SLICING defect also arises where tube is sliced on body who’s leakage can’t be judged with naked eye.

Our solution

  • After studying above mentioned requirement and ongoing process, we did not recommend to directly go for complete automation, rather we suggested to implement a manual process for camera based inspection for pin hole detection on head and neck only!
  • After successful results were derived with manual process, next objective was to automate it. But during automation, major challenge was to accommodate pin hole identification on WHOLE BODY as well along with Head and Neck!
  • Person placing a tube for inspection, and result generation cycle time was around 3 tubes per minute. With automation, this speed has been scaled up to 100 tubes per minute identifying holes on head, neck and FULL tube (except 15mm from bottom)!
  • That’s what we call as Value Delivered through Smart Systems innovated by Acme!