OEE @ Real Time

Smart factory, better efficiency!


Tag time, labour ratios, machine downtime captured by manless/paperless systems!
Manufacturing industries can’t go paperless – is a myth! Person dependency can be overridden using smart systems!


Our solution

  • Manufacturing industries tend to lose time in NVAs (Non Value Added activities). Keeping track of NVAs is very difficult for any organization of any size. Our smart systems help you capture TIME wasted in NVAs! Yes, data produced can be used to eliminate the NVAs through automation or process redefinition.
  • Labour ratio, machine downtime, production tag time are critical concerns which define the organizational growth dramatically!
  • How to capture this data? WAS the biggest challenge accepted by Acme!
  • A smart system has been designed which is PLUG-n-PLAY kind of IoT smart kit to be connected to either the dumb old machines or CNC machine signal to be intercepted and provided to this kit and it gets into action based on the fundamental of ICT (Ideal Cycle Time) every respective production item would take!
  • System captures all kind of unplanned breaks that system comes across (except lunch/tea breaks). It helps the management to identify the time spent in NVAs and eliminate them based on Unplanned Breaks report produced. Machine Utilisation report clearly putforths machine down time (inspite of machine being in good health) apart from machine breakdown.
  • Not only machine performance but labour performances can also be gauged using this system!
  • PREDICTING PRODUCTION is our value addition! If work continues with ongoing speed, how much production can you expect in stipulated time frame – is shown through the smart apps designed and developed by Acme!