Inspection of moving part!

A vision for smarter world!
Value delivered for most critical parameter that Bosch runs upon!


Bosch develops Diesel injection nozzles.
No. of holes on nozzle tip is the most critical aspect of every nozzle being manufactured. Variation in hole count is a huge loss for the organization.


Our solution

  • Hole sizes vary from less than 100 micron to 200 micron. It’s difficult to first identify holes and count them for every nozzle as thousands of nozzles are manufactured every hour! It was very critical to identify the hole count while nozzle is rotating and determine if its OK or NOT OK.
  • Fox Solutions System Integrators were working with Bosch on this system and approached us as development partners to deliver this vision based solution! The challenge was not easy as trials conducted were on few sample nozzles, but in real application, the speed of inspection had to support speed of production and cater around ~1000 variance which came as surprise after application was delivered!
  • Application was supported with Artificial Intelligence to smartly override the patches on the nozzles which were obstructing the hole counting process! System is in use in Bosch and appreciated!