Client is a renowned manufacturing company and was looking for the inner diameter measurement of barrel and display the wear and tear result on screen.
  • PurposeTo detect wears and tears of twin screw extruder barrel at an early stage
  • ProblemDue to heavy work load the extruder barrel get wear out and it noticed when lots of raw material and quality of product hampers.
  • ProcedureTo implement a sensor based system which will measure the ID(Inner Diameter) of barrel


  • The barrel get wear out by heavy load and it came to know at when the quality of product get hampers
  • There are around 10 barrels in a row and to identify which barrel got wear out is a very difficult job.
  • To check the barrel periodically it takes a complete 8 hours shift and that is not accurate.

Our solution

  • Vision / Sensor based inspection system is developed to detect if barrel is wear out or not with the proof of images.
  • The system will generate the graph of Inner diameter from the range 70 mm to 75mm
  • The number of worn out get displayed as red on the screen.


  • Vision / sensor based system implemented for inner diameter measurement of barrel
  • 100% errorless inspections to detect wear and tear of barrel.
  • Complete inspection report is generated.
  • Assurance of fully finished product delivery.
  • Improvement in preventive maintenance