Dimension Measurement

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CMM accuracy achieved via camera inspection!


Inventions, literally works! Cameras and Gauges are intangible assets! If you are looking for 100% inspection with accuracy in microns, 100% accuracy is near to impossible with gauges and CMM machines are not the option due to time constraints!
Reliable Autotech is manufacturer of precision components for John Deere. This is a shaft which has two variants having checkpoints ranging from 14 to 20 respectively. They were using gauges for final firewall before parts for export were packaged.
Problem : Three types of chair: 4-way Driver, 2-way Driver, Co Driver, Detect missing welding spots
Procedure : To implement a Vision based inspection system.


  • Reliable Autotech is a market leader and always wanted to deliver higher quality. The aspirations were not finding the right tools and development partners to achieve.
  • There is a bracket which is welded by a welding robot. Accuracy in bracket welding determines the part fitment in final assembly. Although this bracket welding carries a tolerance, objective was to be as accurate as it can! However, due to fixture/robot wear-tear during welding, at times, the bracket welding alignment gets misguided which turns out to be OK in gauges when on tolerance edge or slightly out.
  • Soon after welding, this part was stamped and sent to powder coating to external vendors. When received, it was inspected on gauge before packaging for export.
  • IF defect is found, the part was scrapped! Which means entire cost put in for manufacturing, transportation to powder coating vendor, powder coating, inspection etc. was in vain!

Our solution

  • After studying above mentioned requirement and ongoing process, we recommended not only a camera based system but an approach to alter the overall process as well. The value addition that we did was to STOP defect replication. If one part welding has gone wrong by welding robot, multiple parts thereafter go wrong, as robot continues with its job!
  • With new system – if bracket welding has gone wrong, we switch off the robot! It stops defect replication.


Thus, we deliver CMM level accuracy along with Industrial IoT aspect wherein welding robot is switched off via IoT only when welding defects are observed.