Defect Identification

A vision for smarter world!
At times, FATIGUE counts (money being DEBITED!)!


“Welding” was the term ONLY associated to manufacturing industry!
Now, Software can deliver a LOT in regards to welding using vision based solutions!


  • This requirement was specific to Mahindra’s Marazzo Chair. There are around 87 checkpoints to be verified on one type of chair. There are such three types of chairs for Marazzo. Number of checkpoints vary based on chair type.
  • Manual inspection for “missing welds” or “missing components” was the only way to address quality issues before delivery. Company use to a lot around TEN handsome minutes to the worker to inspect every chair to granular details.
  • But Fatigue counts! It’s difficult for any individual to consistently check for 87-100 check points throughout the shift and hence missouts happen which are DANGEROUS!
  • Yes, one missing weld has a great impact – it can cause ACCIDENTS while driver is driving the vehicle!
  • Hence, a solution was expected which can provide 100% consistency in quality inspection!

Our solution

  • We had to study what all CAMERA can capture, which details can be processed and what VALUE can be delivered!
  • Here we have rotated chair for a complete 360 degree rotation. Camera assembly takes snaps while chair is rotating and software is educated to monitor certain checkpoints. Based on what has been taught to the software, those checkpoints are monitored during quality inspection and results not matching with the teachings, are determined as defects. Kindly note – we are not comparing images with reference images. We are processing the images being captured and analyzing them for finding the defects!