Bean2go app

Bean2go app


Client is a serial entrepreneur and had a concept of coffee on the go and hence was looking for an app development company who can understand and develop a ONE STOP solution which would save time of coffee lovers.
  • Purpose: Turn your favourite coffee shop into a drive through. Developed for the coffee connoisseur who loves a take out coffee but hates to queue.
  • Problem: Availability of tables in coffee shops, parking lots full, cant get the favorite coffee in the favorite shop.
  • Procedure: Get the best app developed which would save time ,money and give options for more places.


  • Hard to find the best coffee shop when in a new city or places
  • Need to wait for long time and stand in queues for hours
  • Wasting time and money in finding parking lot for your car
  • Cant get the favorite coffee from the favorite place we prefer.
  • Have to wait for new orders and billing.

Our solution

  • We developed a conceptual App called Bean2Go which turns your favourite coffee shop into a drive through.
  • Bean2go app, coffee drinkers have the opportunity to find new convenient coffee shops they never knew existed.
  • Don’t let queue’s come between user and their favourite brew.
  • Pay using saved method of payment within our app via our secure payment gateway. No waiting in line to pay, just click and collect.


Customers get coffee INSTANTLY as soon as they reach the coffee shop, coffee shops retain the loyal customers and additional income is generated from on-the-go customers who don’t use the in-house facilities and helps the coffee carts as well to publicize their awareness in the locality they park their cart.

One smart app, does all !!