What You Should Know About Progressive Web App and Ecommerce

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What You Should Know About Progressive Web App and Ecommerce

A Progressive Web App refers to an app that uses the most recent web abilities to offer a native app-like experience. The tech seeks to bring consistency between native and web apps and shall replace both with a single instance. According to history, native apps can provide a much higher experience if you compare them to the mobile web. Henceforth, it creates a high engagement between the firm and its users. The PWA is in the real sense, a website that behaves and looks like a native app. This feature implies that the PWA is swift, can work offline, send push notifications, and even appear on the home screen of your Smartphone.

Features of the PWA

  • Reliable – Generally speaking, the PWAs load instantly, and this does not matter with the network connection. The Progressive Web App can eliminate their dependence on a network connection. Thus, they can help ensure a reliable and instant user experience, even with a nonexistent or lousy internet connection.
  • Incredibly Fast – In any case, if you offer a website with a lower speed, clients are more likely to live. This instance will make you miss out on leads that you could turn into potential sales. The PWAs feature a breakneck speed and can respond very quickly to the interaction of the users. All in all, it comes with an improved website performance that can positively affect retention rates, user experience, and conversion.
  • Highly Engaging – The PWA comes with a native app experience. This experience includes web capabilities like the option to appear on the home screen of your Smartphone and sending the Push Notifications.

Why You Need a PWA

  1. Home Screen Installation Allows Better User Adoption – Users can install the PWAs on their Home Screen to make them directly accessible. Henceforth, the PWAs will provide a highly engaging experience.
  2. The Push Notifications Boot User Engagement – The PWAs feature the ability to share Push Notifications to mobile users. Research indicates that business can reach a more audience if the app directly reaches them on their mobile device.
  3. Continuous Delivery, Faster Innovation & Reduced Development Costs – Most firms that feature multi platform strategy are building, promoting, and maintaining up to four systems. They develop systems such as Windows 10 native apps, iOS apps, Android app, and their website.
  4. Excellent Instant Performance – Internet users seek for more speed. Clients will leave your page if it takes more time to load and display the details. Thus, the news feed should be faster.
  5. Promotes SEO – PWA operates from the web, where the search engine is responsible for discovering everything. Any content that features the PWAs can appear on Bing and Google. On the other hand, the native apps do not promote SEO directly.
  6. Increases Conversion Rates – A better user experience could result in higher conversion rates. If frustrations and friction are not present in your online store, it is easier for clients to complete what they would like to do.

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