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Eye-on-a-chip is small eye shaped device which is used to test the DED and drugs testing. The product is useful for medical industries and the to detect the DED  i.e (dry eye disease).

DED : People who spent more than 8 hours a day staring at computer screen may find their eyes are getting tired and dry. If those conditions are severe they may suffering from DED (dry eye disease) .

Dry eyes is the permanent issue where human eye failed to produce the enough lubricants. The individual who is suffering from such problem consistently have to use eye drops to protect their eyes from permanent damage.

The eye-on-a-chip completes with the blinking eyelid. The chip will help scientist and drugs developer to understand the treatment of DED.

Yellow Portion from image = cornea

Red Portion from image = conjunctiva

How Device is formed up ?

Eye-on-a-chip is a hardware device which is  built on a transparent, octagon-shaped chip about the size of a dime. The yellow portion of the ‘eye’ featured in the image above represents the cornea; the red portion represents the conjunctiva (the part of the eye that is white).

Team starts with a porous scaffold engineered with 3D printing, with the size of dime and shape of contact lense on which they will grow the human eye cell. A slab of gelatin acts as the eyelid, mechanically sliding over the eye at the same rate as human blinking. Fed by a tear duct, dyed blue, the eyelid spreads artificial tear secretions over the eye to form what is called a tear film.

Porous scaffolds : biodegradable polymers play an important role in tissue engineering to control cell functions and to guide formation of new tissues.

How Device is Tested ?

The device is tested with the mechanical eyelid model in the lab (Artificial replica of the human eye).the model is made with the help of gelatin and teardrops which is used to produce fake tears. And this forms the human eye model which can be beneficial for testing the DED treatments and to protect the eye health.

Limitations: As a human eye having number of blood vessels and nerves it’s difficult to detect the every nerve and vessel, plus a swath of the immune cells usually present in the eye.

The eye-on-a-chip device is further useful for advance variety of applications like drugs testing and DED kind of diseases.

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