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Today, in the age of Information, we can get more out of the machines and be more proactive to the situations and have better solutions. Acme IT solutions having rich experience from Manufacturing and IT proposes to combine the best of both the worlds and create an ecosystem where it will be possible to get real time information from the machines. This in turn will enable the supervisors, engineers and management team to have better control of the situation at hand.

Acme works in following fields with expertise in manufacturing coming from a seasoned industrialist and owner of Rs. 125 crore company Mr. Milind Jambotkar.

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Software and mobility development

Our team of IT gurus will build software and mobile application as per the demand and user's preferences.

Industry 4.0

Smart factory, the term which can supply all the real time information about any machine on a real time basis. Smart factories/Industry 4.0 concept is applicable to all MSME as much as its applicable to an MNC.

We propose to understand the current infrastructure of a factory and understand the risks and plan to device a digital strategy with the management team and implement the same. This will help the management to realise the benefits of a pre-defined strategy and foresee the outcome.

ERP implementation

Acme will execute the ERP implementation for a MSME with the management team of the MSME getting balance sheet and P&L statement every month.

Acme alongwith its partners will also help management team in understanding of this statements and plan of action for a profitable business.



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